Product Feature: Canine Shine

The perfect dog treats for itchy skin

We always wanted to ensure that our insect based dog treats are not only delicious and nutritious, but also have strong functional benefits that keep dogs happy, healthy and looking great!

Meet Canine Shine, the treat that keeps the dog groomer out of business and gives your dog that glamourous look. Exactly like those fancy shampoo adverts with elegant models waving their shiny locks on screen, but in real life. Models and aesthetics aside though, these insect based dog treats are packed with superfood ingredients such as coconut, turmeric and apple that help keep skin soft and coats silky. Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant that helps with joint support and mobility, which is crucial for those bouncy walks in the park. While coconut provides an immune system boost as well as being rich in healthy fats that help keep hair looking shiny and glossy.

A dog’s appearance can often tell us a lot about its health and diet so we’ve made sure that our Canine Shines provide some great functional benefits to make your dog look runway ready! Nothing makes us more upset than seeing a sad dog, because a sad dog is pretty much the worst thing in the world. Cue puppy dog eyes. We also ensure there are no preservatives or nasties to be found anywhere in our treats. Just natural goodness only please. We also keep all our recipes grain free to avoid any upset tummies and discomfort for those with more sensitive stomachs. 

Canine Shine


All this means your dog will be so healthy and looking fine, they’ll have a coat so shiny that it may solicit spontaneous applause from passers-by!


Naturally of course, a bug based food provides a novel and hypoallergenic protein that is perfect for dogs with irritated or itchy skin. It’s also rich in omegas and amino acids that help support daily function and keep the vet at bay. (Did we mention our treats have been vet approved by the way?). Our insect meal is also protein rich, packing in two times more protein per 100g than beef. Oh, and it’s super tasty too! We even eat a few of them occasionally with our morning coffee. Now my hair is so shiny and skin so soft that I’ve stopped using shampoo and moisturiser all together…I’m kidding.


Sustainability is super important to us here at Grub Club and we work hard to ensure we keep all aspects of our business as sustainable as possible. With 20% of the worlds meat and fish being consumed by our pets, insect protein is the perfect, tasty and healthy solution to reduce our impact on the planet’s resources. All our treats are hand-baked here in the UK using wood-fired carbon-neutral ovens, meaning they’re seriously sustainable and will go a long way to help reduce both your and your pet’s carbon footprint. Our treats are packed into 100g fully recyclable pouches that are actually made from plants. Amazing right?!. We couldn’t really make super sustainable, healthy dog treats and then pack them in single-use plastic though could we?


If you’re feeling motivated and inspired, have a peek over at the Product Page if you’d like to give them a whirl. We promise that your pooch will be thankful for it!. Available through as one-off purchases or via a super convenient subscription, you can get the treating experience that’s most suitable for you! Gosh we make it easy for you don’t we, we’re nice like that.


We also have a couple of other treats you can check out, which are also fully packed with lip-smackingly tasty insect based recipes - we even have a multipack so you can try out all three at once. A few weeks of Grub Club and your pooch will be running freely in the park, looking shiny AF and no longer farting on the sofa. You’re welcome.