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About Insects

Is insect protein good for my pet?

Yes! Insect Protein is one of the most digestible and nutritious forms of protein on the planet. The British Veterinary Association (BVA) recognises the potential contribution of insect protein in addressing the rising need for sustainable human food and animal feed. The production of insects for food and feed carries potential environmental and health benefits, with insect species having a high feed conversion efficiency, low environmental footprint and high-quality protein and nutrients comparable to meat and fish. Rich in iron and low in fat, it’s naturally hypoallergenic and great for pets with any meat related food allergies or intolerances. Unlike other pet foods that use chicken meal or fishmeal, insect-protein is high in antioxidants which help to prevent disease by keeping cells nice and healthy.

What insects do you use?

We use the larvae from the Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia illucens). As one of nature’s most efficient up-cyclers, these grubs are a much-needed sustainable protein source for an ever-expanding human population as well as all our furry friends. What’s amazing is that, in one year, a single acre of black soldier fly larvae can produce more protein than 3,000 acres of cattle. Each grub is effectively a little protein powerhouse.

We feed our grubs on organic plant-based matter. This process is incredibly efficient and requires a fraction of the land area and water that traditional livestock would need. It’s also completely zero waste.

UK and EU legislation permits the inclusion of insect protein in pet diets and our BSF larvae are fully approved by the British Veterinary Association.

Are insects better for the planet?

You betcha – insect protein is one of the most sustainable protein sources on the planet. Compared to poultry, for example, farming insects emits 75 per cent less carbon dioxide and uses half as much water. We can raise one ton of insects in three weeks using a land area of 20 square meters and 30 liters of water. And because insects are fed on plant-based organic matter, they’re a huge contributor to the circular economy (which means that nothing gets wasted, ever).

Where do you get the insects from?

Our insects come from the great folks over at Protix [https://www.protix.eu] and Entocycle [https://www.entocycle.com/]. They both have world-leading insect farming facilities in the Netherlands and UK, respectively, and are leading the global charge to reduce the impact livestock farming has on climate change and animal welfare.


Is Grub Club hypoallergenic?

Yes! As a novel source of protein, insect protein is hypoallergenic, which is great news for itchy skin and sensitive tummies. We’ve excluded grains from all our recipes to make sure they’re easier to digest. No fillers. No nonsense. No worries.

Is this product vet approved?

Absolutely. All Grub Club food is approved by vets and loved by dogs!

Does the product smell and taste nice?

Yes, so much so that we have had to stop one of the founders from eating them with his coffee…we aren’t lying!

Can I find Grub Club in shops?

Not yet, but coming soon!

Where is Grub Club made?

Grub Club treats and food are made in the UK. This ensures we have full transparency over the supply chain, high quality assurances, and of course, a limit on the amount of emissions from transportation.

Do the treats look like insects?

Not at all. Our treats are hexagonal biscuits that are baked in wood-fired, carbon neutral ovens. The insect protein that goes into our recipes is powdered, so you won’t see anything remotely insect-like.

Is the packaging recyclable?

Yes! Our treat packs are made from 70% sugarcane, carbon negative, and are fully recyclable. Our food packaging is also fully recyclable. Be a good human and recycle.

Nutritional Information

Can my dog just be fed Grub Club?

Yes! We’ve partnered with some of the UK’s leading vets and animal nutritionists to test over 20 different recipes and ensure that our food is nutritionally complete and tasty. Our food contains everything your dog needs to be happy and healthy, excluding very large sticks. It’s got all the protein, healthy fats, nutrients, and minerals your dog needs to thrive, and nothing else! Please check out our feeding guide on the website or back of pack as a guide to how much Grub Club your dog needs each day.

How do I transition my dog to Grub Club?

Great question! It’s best to introduce Grub Club All-Day Buffet over the course of 7-10 days. Start with around 20-25% Grub Club mixed with the existing food and gradually increase this over the course of a week or so until your dog is eventually 100% on the Grub Club train! If you’d prefer to take a bit longer to transition, that’s also completely fine – every dog is different so feel free to approach the transition time as you see fit.

What are the differences between your three treats?

We create treats that are filled with superfood ingredients to help your dog to keep doing dog things! Canine Shine contains coconut and turmeric to keep your pooch’s skin and coat soft and shiny. Poop Perfectors have prebiotics to aid digestion and reduce some of those smelly farts. Sit, Roll, Treat, Repeat is packed with our GC superfood mix and full of goodness like spirulina, bananas and berries, stocking up your pups with the daily vitamins and antioxidants they need to enjoy digging holes, chasing squirrels and barking at the postman!

Is Grub Club Grain Free?

Yes. Even though we’ve seen great nutritional value in ingredients like oats, we’ve chosen to stick to grain free to make sure as many of our furry friends can enjoy Grub Club without any upset tummies.

What is a soft-baked treat?

Just like us humans, dogs love different tastes, smells, and textures. Therefore, we decided to develop a soft-baked treat that’s slightly wetter and chewier than your average dog biscuit. We’ve included some yummy ingredients like banana, blueberries, kale, and spirulina to make sure they’re not only deliciously chewy but also super nutritious – a real reward for good boys and girls!

How many treats can I give my dog?

It really depends on your treating habits, the rest of your dog’s diet, his/her activity level, and size. That said, we wouldn’t recommend more than 8-10 treats per day unless someone’s been exceedingly good – even more than usual.

Orders & Shipping

Is a subscription cheaper?

Yes, subscribers receive a lifetime discount of 10%.

How do I pause or cancel my subscription?

Please log in to your account. Then access the settings on your account page and select ‘manage my subscription’. From there you can choose to adjust your delivery dates or cancel altogether.

Can I return my bag of Grub Club?

Sadly we don’t accept returns, but if for any reason your dog doesn’t enjoy Grub Club, please donate it to a local shelter or gift it to a dog-owning friend.

What is your shipping policy?

Shipping is free for any order above £39. Shipping rates are £3.99 for 2-3 day tracked delivery, Monday to Saturday until 9pm. There may be surcharges if consignments are out of gauge, require re-delivery, or are in hard to reach areas (e.g. Scottish Highlands, off-shore UK, etc.)

How does shipping work with subscriptions?

Subscription purchases will follow our standard shipping policy and should be delivered within 3-4 days of the subscription payment.