We're blushing

Grub Club has been approved by reggies, bellas and teddies all over the UK!

But don't just take our word for it...

Dr. Anish Patel, Vet
"Quality must come first when recommending products to my clients. Grub Club contains superfood ingredients that not only make dogs feel good, but they taste great too"
Donna-maria & Eva
"Our Cavapoo Eva had very questionable bowel movements. Our vets adviced a bland diet which worked until we took her off it. I switched Eva to All-Day Buffet and Poop Perfector treats and the very next day, all was back to normal and has stayed that way since."
"Our labrador was known as 'Fussy Fennel' for turning his nose up at so many different foods. Enter Grub Club... It passed the Fennel test with flying colours and now he gets so excited at meal times. Better still, it's totally transformed his poops. All-Day Buffet is as good coming out as it is going in."
"Buddy was intolerant to everything with upset stomachs, vomiting and wind. After switching to All-Day Buffet I'm so happy with his progress. No more runny poops or vomiting. I think this food is amazing and is working wonders for Buddy. 5 stars to Grub Club. I cannot fault the service or food! Highly recommended!"
"I spent months and lots of money trying different foods for my boy. He's not a fussy eater but suffers with allergies and was always itchy. I tried Grub Club and we haven't looked back. He loves the food and is very happy on it."