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English Bull Dog licking lips after eating his insect-based dog treats

All things GC

From product features to community stories - everything Grub Club related in one place!

Hypoallergenic dog treat
Product Feature: Canine Shine

Everything you need to know about Canine Shine - hypoallergenic treats made with insect protein, coconut, turmeric, and apple. Fortified...

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Hypoallergenic dog treats
Product Feature: Sit Roll Treat Repeat

Learn more about our signature superfood blend of hypoallergenic insect protein, spirulina, berries, and fresh banana. Rich in fibre, antioxidants,...

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Hypoallergenic dog treats
Product Feature: Poop Perfector

The scoop on our Poop Perfector - made using hypoallergenic insect protein, parsley, sage and prebiotic, these treats are a...

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Hypoallergenic Dog Food
Product Feature: All-Day Buffet

All about our naturally hypoallergenic, nutritionally complete, insect-based dry food that contains everything your dog needs to be happy and...

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Sustainability at GC

Read more about our sustainability mission at Grub Club. From how to be a more eco-friendly pet parent to the environmental benefits of insect protein.

Eco friendly dog treats
5 Ways You Can Be a More Eco-Friendly Pet Parent

When it comes to adopting more eco-friendly habits in your daily lifestyle I’m sure you have...

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Dog in park
All about Insect-Based Dog Food

If you have landed on this page thinking “I can feed my dog insects?!” the short answer to...

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Pet welfare

Our pets are part of the family and their welfare is super important to us. Here we discuss various health issues faced by our pets and how to make sure they live a healthy and happy life!

Raw food vs insect protein: what’s best for my dog?
Raw food vs insect protein: what’s best for my dog?

We explore the pros and cons of raw feeding vs insect-based dog food. Spoiler: we’re firmly not on Team Raw. 

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Itchy skin in dogs
GC Guide to Dry & Itchy Skin

Just like us, your pooch probably enjoys the occasional scratch (especially if someone else is doing the scratching), but excessive...

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Pet parenting

Whether it's your first "furry kid before a real kid" or not your first rodeo on the pet parent scene, you'll find useful information about training and just being an all-round awesome pet parent.

dog training
Puppy Training 101

Here at Grub Club, we believe that a well-trained pup is a happy pup with a happy owner. Why? A...

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