Quirky dog behaviours explained

From tilting their head to eating their own poop, our dogs have some of the weirdest, dirtiest and occasionally very cute quirks. We explore some of these behaviours and what they really mean for you and your dog.

Why does my dog look at me when he poops?

Do you ever lock eyes when your dog is taking a dump? Awkward…

But the real reason they’re looking at you whilst they do their business is because they feel vulnerable and they’re checking out your body language to see if they’re in any danger because they trust you. Cute eh?

Why does my dog face away from me on the bed?

There’s a few explanations for this but the most common reason is because they’re a part of the pack and they want to be able to see what’s coming so they can protect you. This. Is. Wholesome.

It can also mean they want a bum scratch - so take the hint and get to work. 

Why do dogs get zoomies?

Zoomies are just a sudden release of energy in dogs (can we bottle that energy up and give it to humans pleeeease?). You’ll most likely see your dog zooming around after a bath (who needs a hairdryer anyways?) and during playtime. It can sometimes be an indication that they need a longer walk to let off some of that pent up energy.

Why is my dog always yawning?

Other than tiredness from those zoomies we just talked about, your dog might be yawning for several other reasons including: stressful situations such as new pets in the home or lots of noise, they’re feeling excited about playing or going out for a walk, they’re showing you empathy (those yawns are contagious), or they’re being submissive and trying to avoid conflict with another dog that they see as a threat. 

Why is my dog eating his poop?

First thing’s first, never punish your dog for eating their own poop. Whilst some dogs are partial to the taste (each to their own), it can often indicate a dietary deficiency, or that your dog may feel anxious or stressed. 

Try and divert their attention by practicing good recall “leave it”, and reward them for good behaviour. It also helps to keep your dog on a lead on walks. 

Why do dogs sneeze when they’re excited?

You’ll often notice your dog sneezing more than usual when playing. This is a sign they’re having the time of their lives and to signal to you that their behaviour is only playful and they mean no harm. 

Why do dogs tilt their heads at certain sounds?

Not only is it TikTok worthy content, dogs tilting their heads to certain sounds actually has a purpose. It helps them to judge your tone-of-voice and to pick out their favourite words. “Poop Perfector” anyone?

Wondering why your dog is scratching so much? We could have the answer...