How To Transition Your Puppy To Dog Food

Bringing a new puppy home comes with a wide range of learning curves, questions, new experiences and determining what they like and what they don’t like.

One of the trickiest areas to get right can be choosing the right food for your puppy and then again as they paw their way into adulthood. We share our top tips for making that transition from puppy food to dog food a breeze.

Why Can’t Puppies Eat Dog Food?

Puppies require higher fat, minerals and protein content within their food in order to aid healthy growth and to meet their energy needs. If you did feed your puppy adult food instead of a complete puppy one they certainly won’t show immediate negative effects but they could well develop issues later on in life.

What’s The Difference Between Puppy and Dog Food?

The difference between these two types of foods come down to these key ingredients all of which need to be higher for your energetic growing pup:


Carbs are a great source of fibre and energy for growing puppies. They need these to help aid digestion and for a healthy gut balance.


Puppies need more dietary protein and essential amino acids than adult dogs in order to support their rapid growth and development. Protein is often associated with a meat source but here at Grub Club we are leading an insect-based protein revolution and our dog and puppy food ranges provide all of the protein your canine needs without impacting on the planet.


As we all know, puppies have a lot of energy so they will use fat as an energy source as well as for their growth and development.


Calcium helps puppies to develop strong bones and teeth.

Vitamins and Minerals

These are essential for the healthy development of eyes, skin, coat, bones, heart and so on. Grub Club provides these in the form of super healthy fruits and vegetables in all of our pet foods.

What Age Can I Transition My Puppy to Dog Food?

Once your puppy reaches adulthood he/she no longer needs those extra nutrients for growth and can safely move over to the adult version. This age will depend on the breed of dog you own. This information can be easily found on pet food packaging or by talking with your vet. In very relaxed terms, the larger the dog, the longer they are a puppy for.

At Grub Club, our food is fully balanced food for all adult breeds. If your large breed dog is over 15 months then they should be absolutely fine, for smaller breeds anytime after 9 months should be good too. Good news is that our puppy range will be ready soon so please keep an eye out.

In the meantime, if you're looking for a great puppy training treat, our soft-baked Sit Roll Treat Repeat is a great option - it's only 7 calories per treat and soft enough to break into small pieces so great for obedience training. It's got fresh blueberries, banana, spirulina, and kale along with our hypoallergenic insect protein. 

How Do I Transition a Puppy to Dog Food?

When the time comes to transition your puppy over to the adult version of their food you will want to do this over the course of around 7-10 days. Here at Grub Club we suggest that you start with around 20-25% adult food mixed in with their current puppy food and gradually increasing daily until your dog is eventually 100% on the Grub Club train!