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All about Insect-Based Dog Food

Insect Based Dog Food: The Sustainable Pet Food Revolution Starts Here!

If you have landed on this page thinking “I can feed my dog insects?!” the short answer to this is YES! If you are now wondering about the ‘how’s’, ‘why’s’ and ‘what on Earth’s’ that’s ok because we are here to answer all of your insect based dog food questions and in the process hopefully show you why it is the future for both your pet’s health and our planet’s.

What Is Insect Based Dog Food?

Insect based dog food is similar to your normal dog food but instead of using meat as the main protein source, it uses insects. In our case here at Grub Club, the insect protein we use is from Black Soldier Fly Larvae – a superfood in the doggy world! This may initially sound strange but once you learn the facts about meat vs insects you will soon see why it makes complete sense.


The Sustainability Bit

Did you know that livestock farming is one of the leading drivers of global deforestation and climate change? In fact, around seven football fields of land are bulldozed worldwide every single minute to create more room for farmed animals for ours and our pets’ consumption. The results are fewer trees to absorb carbon dioxide, more CO2 being released back into the atmosphere as said trees are felled and methane being emitted by the increased livestock’s backsides (it’s not their fault, their digestive system just works in a complex plus gassy way). If we carry on this way we truly are heading for a climate disaster. When talking about reducing our carbon footprint we usually associate that with driving less, turning lights off, and reducing our flying habits but have you ever turned your sights to your pet?

Here are just a few shocking facts:

  • 20% of all of the world’s fish and meat is consumed by our pets

  • 106 million tonnes of CO2 is generated every year by the pet food industry

  • In 2020, researchers found that it takes an area twice the size of the UK to satisfy the world’s demand for pet food

  • A dog living an unsustainable lifestyle could well produce more than twice the amount of CO2 than that of a 4×4 car

However, when we take a look at insect based dog food the facts are far more positive:

  • 1 ton of insects can be grown in 2-3 weeks using a land area of just 20 square metres

  • Insect based protein will therefore create 96% less CO2 than livestock

  • They need no light or water to thrive

  • They are fed off of organic matter

So, in easy to digest terms*, food made from insects will use 47x less land, 25x less CO2 and 25x less water. Looking good so far, right?!…

*a totally accidental (but brilliant) pun

insect-based dog food
Better For Your Dog


As we mentioned above, insect based dog food and treats aren’t just better for the planet, but they are also better for your pooch. Insect protein like that from Black Soldier Fly Larvae is in fact rich in omegas and amino acids, it is hypoallergenic and even approved by The British Veterinary Association. And if that wasn’t enough…
  • It is low in fat
  • Rich in iron and protein
  • Rich in fibre
  • Rich in detoxifying vitamins
  • No risk of food-borne pathogens
  • Easily digestible

Insects are also more in-line with the type of food a dog would eat if they were still living in the wild, they certainly wouldn’t be out there taking down a cow! So by providing them with species appropriate food you will be helping to meet more of their dietary needs.
And this is precisely why Grub Club was born, because we care about your dogs and also about our environment.


Grub Club

We couldn’t just sit by and allow the pet food industry to have such a detrimental effect on our planet. We couldn’t allow mediocre food to be the only dog food on offer and we couldn’t allow the power of insect protein to be overlooked for another moment. We know making this switch may seem controversial, it may seem a little bizarre and feel out of the ordinary but this SHOULD be the new ordinary and that is what we aim to achieve so come and join our sustainable dog food revolution and start leading the way to a better future.

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