Celebrating One Year of Grub Club

Happy first birthday to us! Today (the 1st of December), we’re celebrating one whole year of Grub Club. That’s one whole year of:
  • Eating treats 
  • Dressing as bugs 
  • Petting cute dogs 
  • Meeting and chatting with all of you guys 
  • Listening to Ale & Hugh’s dad jokes 
  • Making a planet friendly difference to the pet food industry 

Our co founder Hugh takes us on a whistle stop tour of the past year, so settle down for our highs, lows, and laughs of this year… Here we go!


Hey there, it’s Hugh again. Yep, that silly guy that features heavily on Grub Club's TikTok account (you can follow us here… wink wink). 

Wow. What a twelve months it’s been. Let's go back to December 2021, when we launched our hypoallergenic, protein-packed and planet-friendly treat range.

We received plenty of positive and wonderful feedback from our customers and we are so grateful for the initial support to get us through our first month.

As Christmas came and went, behind the scenes the cogs of the Grub Club machine were very much still in motion. Having done some incredible R&D in the lead up to the new year – we quickly geared up for the launch of our complete food for all adult dogs.

Come April 2022 it's grub's up! Having spent a whirlwind few months working with our design partners, sorting out supplies and getting packs and boxes printed we were incredibly proud when All-Day Buffet hit our virtual shelves. Since then, we have seen a steady growth to our community, with new customers and fans joining by the week. We really mean it when we say, it’s been incredible to hear dogs are thriving on their new bug based diets!

A shout out to customers such as Sheryl, Marni, Sheela, Su and Denise for sharing their testimonials, videos and dog transformation stories with us. Thank you!

Food launch aside, this year has also seen the team expand from Ale and myself to Hayley joining us in April and Amy joining us in September.

Hayley has been such an asset to the team, she has revolutionised our marketing strategy, grown our community and made me famous on TikTok… What more could one ask for?

Amy has similarly been a wonderful addition working tirelessly on supporting Hayley by pushing Grub Club across our social platforms, and bringing in some epic PR! Bring on the next 12 months.

Some further fist pumps must go out to our two former interns Heenaa and Flora who were wonderful part time members to the Grub Club family.  We miss them!

Other highlights this year include winning a spot on the inaugural Amazon Launchpad Sustainability Accelerator back in May. Out of 1,200 applications across the UK and EU we were one of the lucky twelve to be selected.

It was a wild three month programme but incredibly fulfilling and have made some great friends in other cool start-ups along the way. A shoutout to Homethings, Ethosa and SURI amongst many others! 

You can take a tour of the Amazon office here.

September saw another proud moment for the Grub Club team as we partnered up with Daylesford Organic to launch a collaborative dog treat range. You can now find our products in their London and Cotswold stores!

In November we decided to forgo the usual Black Friday spiel and instead we launched BLACK SOLDIER FLY DAY! We took a tour around Entocycle, a leading insect technology company in London, to learn all about our favourite grub. You can watch the tour here

Which takes us to today. 'But what about next year?' I hear you say... What’s next for Grub Club?

Well, we are beavering away in the background on some new products to launch in the coming months as well as releasing a whole new food range. Hint: It’s food but for baby dogs!

We’ll also be getting out and about to trade shows and sampling in stores in 2023 so keep your eyes peeled for us and make sure you come say a big hello (we don't bite, promise).

Lastly, we want to say a huge thank you to you all for your support, feedback and encouragement over the last year. We have learned so much from you and it motivates us everyday to provide you the most nutritional, tasty and hypoallergenic products to ensure your pets thrive, oh and also reduce our collective impact on the planet too!

Wishing you a wonderful festive period, and a happy new year!

With love, Hugh, Ale, Hayley and Amy! BUGS TASTE BEST!