Jack Russell dog enjoying insect-based dog treats

We’re looking for like minded brand ambassadors to join the Grub Club sustainability revolution.


Mr President

Mr President

You want what’s best for your pets

We’re working with the big dogs – leading global nutritionists and vets to ensure tip top quality. Made with insect protein, sweet potato, linseed, blueberries, yucca and more, our dog food can provide up to two times more protein per 100g compared to beef. Holy cow!

Professor Floofenstein on his throne

Professor Floofenstein on his throne

You care about sustainability

Did you know our pets eat 20% of the world’s fish and meat? *The simultaneous sound of jaws dropping all over the UK*. Switching your dog to an insect based diet can help protect the planet - because big carbon footprints are soooo 2018.

Dog Collie

A monthly allowance

to spend on hypoallergenic, sustainable, protein filled, insect powered, vet approved, delicious dog food and treats. Nom, nom, nom. 

Grub Club merch

for you and your pet. 

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for your followers, family and friends. 

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