Product Feature: Poop Perfector

Hypoallergenic dog treats

Find us a poop of the animal kingdom that receives more attention than the dog poop, we’ll wait. Often the number one concern among dog-parents, dog poops come in all shapes, sizes, and consistencies, and more often than not, unless your dog is suffering from a specific health problem, their diet is usually the cause of any poop problems. In other words, diet is the most common factor affecting the consistency of dog stools.

Just like us humans, dogs need a balanced diet containing sufficient protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals, and fiber to have regular bowel movements. Nobody likes a runny poo and your dog is no different.

Before we go on, let’s get one thing straight, if your dog is experiencing regular, watery diarrhea then you should be discussing this with your vet sooner than later. Soft stools should still be formed and you should be able to pick them up.

dog treats for digestion

So what could be causing your dog’s soft stools? Usually, allergies linked to grains or meat can cause symptoms like itching and skin inflammation, but in some cases they can also affect your dog’s stools. If your dog suffers from soft or runny stools caused by allergies or sensitivities, then switching to an insect-based diet could be the answer. This would be especially relevant if your dog suffers form meat-related allergies. All of our products at Grub Club are also grain-free so if your dog has any grain allergies or sensitivities then then Grub Club is a great solution for you.

Where better to start than our Poop Perfector, insect based dog treats. First off, they’re hypoallergenic dog treats so they’re great for dogs with meat allergies or sensitive stomachs. Secondly, we’ve added prebiotics to our treats! Let’s tale a stroll down Science Street and talk about prebiotics. Chances are you’ve heard of them before, but aren’t sure exactly what they are, or why they’re so good for your dog. Prebiotics are found in our Poop Perfectors. They help promote a healthy balance of bacteria in your dog’s gut. The good kind of bacteria. The kind that helps your dog digest and also helps reduce fart odor. We’ve also added yucca extract to provide further assistance in reducing fart odor. Can you tell we’ve had some farty dogs at Grub Club? I suppose we could all do with more prebiotics and yucca extract in our life.

Our treats are all packed in 100% recyclable pouches. The pouches are carbon negative and made from 70% sugarcane. I mean, imagine we made these super sustainable, planet-friendly dog treats and we packed then in non-recyclable pouches – that would be bad. So we didn’t. Please be a good human and recycle our pouches!

All our insect based dog treats are available for one-off purchases but also there’s a subscribe and save option. Recurring delivery dog treats have never been so convenient. Choose your treats, set your delivery frequency, and pause or cancel anytime with no fees. You’re in complete control and you also get 15% off all of your subscription orders for being the best. We also make sure our subscribers get some awesome goodies with their orders! What kind of goodies? You’ll need to subscribe to find out 😉

hypoallergenic dog treats


To summarise, say hello to the Poop Perfector –  it's the dog equivalent of a glass of wine (or five) on a Friday. A real treat. Just without the splitting hangover and actually loaded with digestive benefits.

As it is, insect protein is hypoallergenic and comes with great digestive benefits, but we thought we'd throw in some parsley, sage, and prebiotics to help turn those bad poop days into good poop days. Basically, we're trying to make scooping your dog's poop as enjoyable as the act of scooping poop can actually be.

Head over to the product page to give them a try – we’re pretty sure you won’t regret it. The treats are super nutritious, kind to the planet, and perfect for sensitive tummies or allergies.