Product Feature: All-Day Buffet

Hypoallergenic dog food

As you probably know we at Grub Club  have been on a mission to empower as many paws as humanly possible and create a pack of like-minded people all dedicated to their pets' prosperity. So where better to start than with our nutritional superfood that is great for your pet and great for the planet too.

Our hypoallergenic, protein packed, insect dog food contains everything your dog needs to be happy and healthy. Aside from those very large sticks they pick up in the park! We spent over a year developing and tweaking our recipe to ensure we landed on the optimum formulation that not only smells great and tastes fantastic, but also looks after your dog’s nutrition in every possible way. After a few trips between London and Lincoln, multiple taste tests with some willing pooches, and lots of analysis with our nutrition team and vet – we have found our All-Day Buffet! Bish, bash, nosh!

So, go on then, "what’s in this insect based dog food?" I hear you say. Well…buckle up. We have included our very own Grub Club Superfood Blend, which is a delightful (alcohol free!) cocktail of botanicals, berries, and prebiotics. We’ve popped in goodies such as blueberries and pomegranate - packed with antioxidants to help with that daily detox goodness. We all love antioxidants because they can slow down or even prevent damage to cells – which is pretty darn impressive for a humble little blueberry, right? Don't worry though, all this zingy special detox goodness won’t mean your dog will be moving to L.A, doing tai chi, drinking alternative cappuccinos, or acting like a prima-donna in a few weeks.

Insect-based dog food

Next, let’s take a stroll down science street and talk about prebiotics. Chances are you’ve heard of them before, but aren’t sure exactly what they are, or why they’re so good for your dog. Prebiotics encourage bacteria to grow in the belly. The really good kind of bacteria. The kind that helps your dog’s digestion – creating happy tummies and optimum digestive health. That’s some impressive stuff, innit.

We’ve also thrown in some sweet potato, which is rich in beta carotene and vitamin A, that helps keep those eyes sharp, bones strong, and skin soft and supple. To keep the vet away, we've added apple, which is vitamin rich and helps neutralise those free radicals, man.

And we’ve not stopped there, Linseed is rich in dietary fibre and omega-3, which keeps those little hearts pumping and kidneys working beautifully. You’ll be grateful for the inclusion of Yucca too, which helps reduce dog fart odours. We can’t do anything about yours sadly, we’re good but not that good.

As always, we’ve also maintained our "Grain Free Dog Food" policy to ensure we can cater to all those sensitive tummies out there and keep dogs happy and healthy without any discomfort.

Last but by no means least, we can’t forget our bugs. Beautiful, bountiful, bugs! Yes those little gems are packed full of protein (two times more protein per 100g than beef. Holy Cow! Sorry, couldn’t resist). They’re also naturally hypoallergenic, and full of omegas and amino acids too, which means they’re perfect for dogs with meat allergies and full of the fats and minerals your dog needs to thrive. We’ve used a blend of fresh and dried insect to create a food that provides all those healthy benefits but also smells and tastes fresh, wholesome, and oh so good. Please don’t be offended if your dog stops taking an interest in what you’re eating once they’ve tasted this.

One thing we should mention that is pretty cool is that we also use bugs produced here in the UK. That’s right, insect protein grown here on this very soil. The United Kingdom. Land of tea and passive aggression. We’ve coined them ‘Great British Bugs’ – original, I know. Jokes aside, it does mean that our carbon footprint is significantly reduced. Insect protein reduces comparative CO2 levels by 96%, so you can feel a little bit smug every time you pick up a pack off the shelf. Something that we all enjoy immensely.

So what’s not to like, do I need to sweeten this further by saying we’re also vet approved, packed In 100% recyclable bags, and made here in the UK? I could go on…but your dog is getting hungry so don’t keep them waiting any longer. Be a good human and give us a go. Bugs Taste Best – truly, they do. You can make a switch to our insect dog food no matter what you currently feed your dog or you can even integrate our All-Day Buffet into a varied diet. We've got some useful resources across our site that can help you make the switch and also understand the differences, pros, and cons between our insect dog food and other diets (e.g. raw dog food).