Product Feature: Sit Roll Treat Repeat

Delicious dog training treats

When we set out on the long journey to develop sustainable and delicious insect based dog treats, we knew that taste, nutrition, and digestibility were incredibly important. No matter how good a dog treat is for the planet, if your dog doesn’t love the taste, it’s a bit of a non-starter. This is why we spent almost 18 months testing over 20 different recipes to make sure our treats were not just planet-friendly but also highly palatable and super easy to digest for our dogs.

Despite its clear sustainability benefits, insect protein comes with the added benefit of being a novel protein source and thus it’s hypoallergenic. This is great news for itchy dogs who struggle with meat-related allergies and sensitive tummies. This meant that we’d ticked the box when it comes to hypoallergenic dog treats but we didn’t want to stop there. Given that treats form such an important part of a dog’s life – from obedience training to those park walks and also just for when your dog’s been a really good boy or girl – we wanted to make a treat that was perfect for every day use.

They’re soft-baked and easy to break up into small pieces, while also being low calorie (around 7 calories per treat) to allow for guilt-free treating. Soft-baked? That’s new. We decided to soft-bake these treats not just to make them easy for you to break into small pieces but also because they offer maximum chewability and are moister than the average dog biscuit, making them a tasty delight for your dog! So now we have hypoallergenic snacks that also makes your life really easy when it comes to treating and are incredibly tasty to your dog. Enough? Nope. We thought we needed more.

Dog training treats


Just like us humans, dogs need a balanced diet full of macro and micro nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. We’re big fans of morning smoothies at Grub Club – think spirulina, kale, fresh blueberries, fresh banana… hang on? Those ingredients are all in our Sit Roll Treat Repeat! You’re forgiven for thinking that this is some kind of Joe & the Juice advert but it’s not. Superfood smoothies are so last season, we’ve created superfood dog treats! Pretty cool right!? So until our dogs develop opposable thumbs, this will be the closest they’ll get to that morning smoothie.

Our insect based dog treats are all packed in 100% recyclable pouches. The pouches are carbon negative and made from 70% sugarcane. I mean, imagine we made these super sustainable, planet-friendly dog treats and we packed them in non-recyclable pouches – that would be bad. So we didn’t. Please be a good human and recycle our pouches!

All our treats are available for one-off purchases but also there’s a subscribe and save option. Recurring delivery dog treats have never been so convenient. Choose your treats, set your delivery frequency, and pause or cancel anytime with no fees. You’re in complete control and you also get 10% off all of your subscription orders for being the best. We also make sure our subscribers get some awesome goodies with their orders! What kind of goodies? You’ll need to subscribe to find out 😉

Finally, you might be thinking “that’s a bit of a weird name for a dog treat?” Well, yes, it’s a little different but if you think about it, it describes exactly what the product is designed for. If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out Hugo the Cockapoo showing us what Sit Roll Treat Repeat looks like in action.

High protein, rich in antioxidants, and loaded with flavour, Sit Roll Treat Repeat will have your dog worshiping the ground you walk on a little more than usual. Head over to the product page to give them a try – we’re pretty sure you won’t regret it. The treats are super nutritious, kind to the planet, and perfect for sensitive tummies or allergies.